Natural Mama Meetup

A mutual natural mama and I met the other day for coffee and decided we NEED an anti-mainstream mommy group. Sadly, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and other things that were once normal are no longer viewed that way. The minority of mothers today who practice these are often outcast, or even mocked, for believing in a better, healthier, natural alternative to disposable products and man-made foods. As a result, it can be difficult to enjoy playgroups when you have nothing in common on the parenting spectrum with the other mothers.

There isn't a huge amount of women in this area who parent this way, but I know there are enough to form a nice group. It will be great for moms to be able to ask for advice on this topics from moms that actually know and can share, rather than from women who will snort and laugh when you talk about your cloth diapers.

If you're in the Turlock, or any of the surrounding area, come by our Facebook page and listen for updates. We look forward to getting this off the ground.