Search me, I'm famous.

Ok, so not *really*, but you CAN see me when you do a Yahoo! search.

After reading through my stats on my flickr account, I noticed certain viewed photos had not been viewed THROUGH flickr, but an outside source. I was able to click and it took me directly to where the photo was found by the searcher. Pretty neat. The tag typed in to Yahoo! search was "Nursing in Public" and my photo was on the first page, the 8th image. It's a great shot that my now 6.5 year old took of my son nursing in Historic Columbia, CA last summer. Neato!

Have you ever found your own photo when searching on line? I think it's pretty neat, but at the same time, I sort of feel like people can "spy" on me. I guess it's all part of having any segment of your life on line.

Here's the LINK if anyone is interested, just thought it was sort of a neat find to share!


Procrastination is a pain in the mouth!

I posted not long ago about Maggie's first big girl tooth. She has since had one loosen up, and the adult tooth behind that just started coming in.

She is SO worried about it possibly hurting, that instead of wiggling her tooth and playing with it with her tongue in hopes to get some cash money from mommy and daddy, she leaves it alone. So much so, that it actually started to tighten back up!!

Now, I understand she is probably scared...after all, she has never lost a tooth before. I've sat and talked with her, explained how it hurts just a little when it's pulled, but that it's quickly fixed with ice cream and it won't hurt at all the next day and she'll have money to spend or at to her savings! She doesn't believe me!

I've never been here before, as a parent. As a kid, yea, but my mom always yanked our teeth out for us...ugh. I know, like many other things, it will happen in it's natural course of time...but she's beginning to avoid any foods that are tough so as to not accidentally lose the tooth, either! It's driving me bananas!

I'm so tempted to bump into her mouth and knock it out! Something I of course would never do...but jeez! How much longer are we gonna baby the tooth?