The Disappearing Brownies

Living with my mother has been a feat but I won't delve into that here. No, this post is serious. Much more serious than even my mother. This post is about brownies. Yummy, chocolate brownies which I made the other day. I made them with all the important ingredients, especially love. Extra love. I mixed up two batches of brownies and poured them into their appropriate dishes. I poured half into a deep square baking dish and the other into a more shallow rectangular dish. I baked them up and let them cool. The shallow brownies I sprinkled with powdered sugar, a subtle yet scrumptious solution. The other batch was adorned with triple chocolate fudge frosting, it even had miniature chocolate chips in it. My mouth is watering just recalling these brownies...

The first batch went rather quickly. Between my brother and the kids, they were eaten right up. I knew my mom would enjoy the frosting smothered bunch, but I didn't know how much. Before I had even known it was cut into, almost half was gone. I was surprised to see how fast they were going, especially since I hadn't even SEEN any of them go!

Each time I re-entered the kitchen, more were gone still! What could possibly be eating my brownies so stealthily? I soon had my answer...

My mom was extra cranky and not feeling well. She let me in on a secret: Aunt Flo was in town. Oh dear lord almighty, save me!! She's a mean, evil woman, that Flo. Every time she visits she puts an evil curse on my mother. Thankfully she hates breastfeeding and so I've avoided her myself, but not my mom! No, and I swear she's gotten worse. On top of turning her into a witch, she also takes the form of a choco-holic. I am not exactly sure how my brownies managed to last as long as they did, but eventually, every last bite was eaten.

I never actually saw her in the act, but I know. I know that the only cure for that curse Aunt Flo bestowed upon her was my chocolatey brownies. At least they went to a good cause.


Me vs. 5

Anyone want to place bets on how the night will go? I am babysitting right now for my DEAR friend Toni. She has twin girls who just turned 3. I also have my 3 kiddos (ages 5, 3 and 9 months). I wonder how long it will be until I run out of here screaming and pulling my hair out...any guesses? Haha.


Life as it pertains to ME

Man, where have I been? Crazy town, I think, and I took the express!

My dear sweet husband was laid off, as were many others (12 just in his department). I know that our economy is doing poorly, and it's even harder when your only source of income is *POOF* gone. We had to move into my mother's house and I am so surprised I am still alive. This is probably the hardest thing I've done as a parent. I lived with my mom until Maggie was about 18 months, then Seth and I moved in together. Maggie is now 5.5 years old...and I'm here again.

It's weird being in the same room I was a teenager in. So many devious things happened here. Now it's a bedroom for 5. My closet is packed full of clothes and I'm so thankful I begged for a closet organizer as a teen, because it is SO useful now!

Aside from the usual burdens of living with your parents, things are going pretty well. I think I'm going to start midwifery school earlier than anticipated. Why not? We're here rent free. Seth is also pursuing his dreams of law enforcement and looking for part-time work to just "get us by" in the meantime.

Alexander and Iris caught some bizarre summer cold and they've been keeping me up the past few days, poor babes. I'm hoping we can qualify for medi-cal, since Seth lost insurance along with his job. Go figure they get sick right after we lose it.

Lately, I haven't been feeling well. It could be a number of things though the popular vote has gone to pregnancy. I won't know for a while, I have no money to test but some nice mommies have offered to send me one. I love the online community of girlfriend's that I've built. You guys rock. Hopefully soon I will know what is making me sick. I'm hoping it's just stress, and sore nipples are a bonus...

Maggie was accepted into Sacred Heart School. My heart is set on homeschooling, but with everything going on, this might be best for now. We will be purchasing her uniforms soon. I can't believe my baby girl is almost in kindergarten. I am developing heart palpitations. Holy freakin' cow.

Iris has blossomed into such a wonderful child. A hurricane still, but discovering so much for herself. Swim lessons have turned her from a aquaphobiac to an olympic diver! Ok, not really, but close! She now will go under water and blow bubbles! Yea!!

Alexander has had to sit on the sidelines during swim lessons with Dad, but he's enjoying the outdoors. He's been crawling for a couple of months now and is cruising along furniture. He's also standing unassisted for longer periods of time. I wonder if he'll be my "early walker". He's also still nursing on demand and eating few solids, his gag reflex is pretty sensitive. He weighs 24 lbs now and is just so big and healthy. Aside from this drag of a cold, he's a happy little boy.

I hope this summer is treating everybody else well. Tell me what you've done with it. Any vacations planned or taken? What's your favorite thing about summertime?