The Cup of Puke

Maggie woke up sick this morning, which my husband blames on my Turkey, though I disagree! In any event, she was throwing up every 30 minutes or so for a few hours, then just stopped. She said she was good enough to have lunch with Gramma.

We picked Gramma up from work and went to Perko's, where the girls ordered smiley pancakes. Maggie ate pretty fast, we tried to slow her down, but there was no stopping her as she consumed those pancakes as if in an eating contest! After going back to work with Gramma and visiting her co-workers, the kids and I headed home. Just around the corner and Maggie said her tummy hurt. I had to think fast. She had her cup, from the restaraunt. I had her take off the lid and get it ready, just in case she couldn't hold it until home.

A few short minutes later, I hear the lovely sound of her pukefest. Thankfully, she has good aim, and I have automatic windows to clear the air!!


Jada said...

Poor lil Maggie!!! Hugs!

Way to go, Katie!! LMAO at your title, BTW! :)

Kate said...

Thanks Jada! She is fine and at school today! Haha, it was totally full too, but I made her put the lid on before I took it to the trash. HAHA.