I'm a horrible person and deserve to be smited!

Wow, I am even afraid to look at how long ago I last posted. I have been absent for far too long and far too much has happened!!

Kids are growing bigger each day. Maggie is in Kindergarten, Iris in preschool and Alexander is just terrorizing me all day! We are living with mom because my hubby was laid off this summer. He took the opportunity to go through the corrections academy and received his certification...now he's just looking for work where budgets haven't been cut or put on hold.

My photography has really taken off and I hope to see my little business grow this next year. I am enjoying the art very much and am so happy to be taking pictures. It's really fun for me and gives me something to focus on (literally).

I will be back to blog, I just need to get into the swing of it again! Man, how time just flies!

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