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My grandmother, 84 years old, had spinal surgery today. I don't know the details or what type of surgery, so I apologize in advance for anyone who was going to ask. She has made it through and the surgeon said it went well, but things like this always get me thinking.

It was risky for her to have surgery, but she passed all the tests and the doctor was very concerned, as if left untreated, a small bump or fall could have sent her into full on paralysis. So, it was a risk worth taking to her to enjoy the rest of her life to the fullest she could.

I've never undergone any surgeries, and am definitely fearful of ever having to. But sometimes, there's not much you can do about these things. Aside from fear of my kids losing me if something ever went wrong, because even the most routine surgeries carry the risk of death, I fear what I would do if any of my children had to undergo something like this.

As a mother, I think our biggest fear is the loss of our children. Sometimes, it becomes more real on our journey as mother and child. Has there ever been a time when you were faced with the harsh reality of life as it pertains to motherhood? What was the scenario and how did it go? Would you do anything differently?

I know this is a touchy subject, but I can't even imagine how difficult it would be to go through any serious illness, or surgery, or battle...but moreso, I can't imagine watching my child go through it. Your insight is much valued and your opinions always welcome.


Anonymous said...

I will leave this as anonymous, but it's Trisha from Cafemom (Hellokittygurl)

This is a older blog, so my apologies for leaving it so late. I never get on cafemom anymore it seems like lol. It is very scary to have a surgery, but some things we can't control. I do fear having another one because what if I am unable to have a VBAC? To go through surgery again I am at risk, once again of losing my life, losing my friends, family, and now, the biggest thing in my life, my daughter.

I know things happen for a reason, that some things are out of our control, our reasoning, etc.. But it does make you wonder. I hope your grandmother is doing alot better.. Back surgery, Just makes me cringe thinking about it. My back hurts like a mother when I overdo cleaning.. So I can only imagine..

I added you to facebook =P Maybe we can get in contact more there, since thats where I usually go when i'm online.
Talk to you soon hun!

Kate said...

Thanks for replying Trish, it's nice to hear from ya!

Yes, my grandmother is doing a lot better but is still in her brace. Hopefully it will be off early next month :D

I can understand your fears and I'm sure you'll be able to VBAC, you just need the right support :) Have you looked into ICAN-online.org? It's a great resource for cesarean moms.

I will have to check my FB now :D