A Day (or 4) in the life...

As a hobby and part time side job, I have a small freelance photography business offering portraits to locals. I've always wanted to participate in a 365 project, where you take a photograph every day for a year. I started "late" rather than on the first day of 2010 and didn't set my goals high. I'm not tracking something or striving for artistry but simply making sure I use my camera EVERY day, regardless of what I end up shooting.

I have a feeling the constant will develop as a catalog of days spent with my babies. So far, on day 4, here are the results:

Feb 21

Feb 22

Feb 23

Feb 24

I'm glad I finally decided to take on the "challenge". Whether or not great art comes of it, or I simply capture the beauty in every day life I am excited to see where it all goes and to use my camera EVERY single day.

Have you ever done this yourself? (Share a link!)
Want to start one? (Go ahead!)

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♥ Sarah & Illusia ♥ said...

I just wanted to say beautiful pictures and beautiful blog.

I have never done this idea myself, but maybe sometime soon I will try. :)