My oldest daughter is smart and independent and loves to do things for herself. This is GREAT about 99% of the time. You know, she loves to get her own drink, or go play outside (in the fenced in backyard) by herself, or take care of the baby while I am helping her sister. She also brushes her own teeth, HOWEVER, I have GOT to give them a "review" when she's done, because she doesn't LIKE actually brushing them, which is why she volunteers to do it so she can race through!

Tonight after brushing, I asked her to come over so I could inspect. She smiled and I asked to see the inside, since the back of teeth are not only harder to brush, but easy for kids to "forget". Well, lo and behold when she opened up wide I got a big surprise! Her first adult tooth has broken through! I began screaming and cheering and told her what a big girl she was and how exciting! She began to celebrate with me, the baby laughed maniacally and Iris giggled along.

She was one of the few kids in her K class that hadn't lost any teeth yet, and I wasn't too surprised as I still had 3 baby teeth in 8th grade that were pulled in order to start my orthodontic work. Wow...my big girl! I do have a few concerns, like the size of this tooth in comparison to her small mouth and also, how far away from her current "tooth line" it is. I expect all my children to need braces since terribly crooked teeth run in the family. We'll have to see how this all goes. I *think* her from left bottom tooth is slightly loose, so maybe in the next week or so she'll get to put it under her pillow for the Tooth Fairy! Whooo hooooo!

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