Kids Things Say

Yes, you read that right. The title is fitting, since many times, our toddlers try so hard to imitate what they've heard from us and use it in context, but usually miss one or two things in the process.

Alexander is at that fun stage where his vocabulary is taking off but it his thought process hasn't quite caught up. His new favorite phrase is "Told you! Haha" but he uses it at the most random and inappropriate times. Of course, this just makes it funny and adorable.

What are some cute and crazy things your kids are saying (or have said)?

I love to hear all the funny (or embarrassing) stories!


Beth said...

When my daughter was about 4 years old, I walked into the living room holding a newspaper which had a headline stating that Better Davis had died. I said out loud, "Oh no!" She asked, "What is it, mommy?" and I said, "Oh, a famous actress has died". And she said, eyes wide open, "Was it Miss Piggy?!?!". LOL, true story.

MommyLady said...

My youngest likes to say "No, mama, I don't like you/that!". My oldest once, upon seeing a friends lighter (which had multicolored flashing LED lights in the clicky part), said "WOAH, mom, you can set things on fire with COLOR??!".

There have been others, but gah, I'll never forget the fire/color thing, haha.

Kate said...

Thanks for sharing! I just love the little things they come up with.

One day my daughters were arguing over who got to have a home-water birth when they were older. I told them "You both can, but we'll see how you're both feeling when you get there!" LOL