Just a day in the life!

So it was not even 9 am and Alex was already painting the cabinets with butter. How, pray tell, did he get butter?

Well, Maggie has a cut on her finger that she insisted needed bandaging, so she ran to the bathroom to get the stepstool, to reach the counter, to get the band aids. However, she did not put it back, so a few bored minutes later Alexander made his way to the stool to find the butter that I had used to put on their toast not long before (we were still EATING breakfast!) and he decided that what he wanted to do with the butter was to give the cabinets a shine...so he did.

Shortly after that, while I was cleaning up the cabinets and putting the butter away, he decided to take off his undies and sit on the couch to pee. If he knew he had to pee, and he knew to take off his underwear, I really don't know why he chose the couch as his target. *sigh*

While cleaning up the urine, he climbed up on to the end table, let out a loud "Ta da!" threw his hands up in the air and launched to the ground, unharmed, thankfully.

I get a diaper on him, because today just doesn't feel like a day to work on potty training and relax for a few minutes before chaos ensues again...it's just another day but man, these days are long!

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