Adventures in Potty Training!

I would NEVER suggest to someone to start potty training before two...usually. My stance is typically that when a child is ready, not only will it be easier and less messy for you, but it will be easier emotionally on the child. Some kids are ready at 2...others are still not ready at 4. Gentle encouragement after a certain age is great, but honestly, your kid won't be in diapers forever...don't push it!

My girls were both trained right around 2.5 years old. It was quick, easy, and painless. I had always heard boys are so much harder to train than girls and that they usually aren't going to use the potty till age 3 or later, so I never expected this. Alexander first used the potty at a year old. He loved it, thought it was great, plus, he got to play with his favorite toy...if you know what I mean. He continued to randomly use the potty for a while, with no pushing from me, but just happy encouragement when he wanted to go.

For the past 2 months he's consistently pooped in the potty (hooray for not having to wash poo diapers anymore! LOL) and has been hit or miss with his tinkles. Some days, we could have gone all day with no accidents, even during nap, others, I went through every pair of undies he owned in an hour. Needless to say, that was perfectly fine, I HARDLY expected a potty trained 18 month old. Now, at 2o months old today, he went consistently, even at the grocery store, in underwear. While shopping he even "told" me he had to go pee, and went IN the potty, on the other end of the store, without so much as a drip in his underoos. I am SO proud of him. This is AWESOME. I don't know if it's because of his sisters, I don't know if it's because of cloth diapering, I don't know if he's just a genius (haha) but this is such new and uncharted territory for me...and I LOVE it.

So, wish Alexander and I luck tomorrow (today) with our new adventures in underwear!!
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Tanya said...

Thats awesome! I guess he figured he'd do something nice for mommy with all the craziness he puts you through! hehe. Love the little undies too! So cute!

Kate said...

Thank you Tanya. Yea, seriously! It's funny how "advanced" he is in certain areas and how "slow" he is in others. I guess we can't have it all, eh?? He did really well today, too. Looks like I may just have a day trained boy!