School's Out for the Summer, School's Out for Forever...

Today is Maggie's last day of kindergarten but more than that, it is her last day of school. Next year we will officially kick off homeschooling. The method is still to be decided, but we're leaning towards charter school, at least for the first year. I am both excited and sad. There are just too many issues with the school system and our family. I thought that a private school would have been better, but alas, politics and bullshit follow you everywhere.

All in all, she had a good year and made some good friends, one of whom is an angel and I hope never loses touch. There were many instances that occurred with other children (bully type issues) that I feel were not handled well, if at all, by the school and staff. It brought back my own memories of how horribly my brother and I were treated, but ours were because of our hand-me-down clothing and our obvious naivety. Nonetheless, it started a course of bullying that followed me from school to school. It didn't help that I developed breasts in fourth grade, owning a C cup in 6th grade. In 8th grade a rumor started that I had implants. I remember thinking, even at the age of 13, how preposterous that notion was, but it did little to sway the popular belief that my breasts were fake.

That has taken me off on a tangent! My goodness. Well, in a few minutes I am leaving to bring our 4 kittens to school for Maggie's last show and tell. I am excited, as is she, to share the kittens with the kids and go to the class one last time. There is a party at the park afterward for all the K students that she wants to attend, so I think we'll have to make an appearance.

I am excited to start a new phase in our life and am looking forward to a busy summer.

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